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There is an urgent need for SMB to adopt information technology.

SMB (Small and Medium Business) are economy’s backbone. They are the main source of 50% of the GDP and the maximum amount of employment comes. SMBS has low rates or marginal value struggle, capital needs etc but it faces interruption due to Covid-19 pandemic. Due to new normal SMBS has to rethink about their business policy, organizational structure, kind of growth etc. So, now this is needful for them to rely on IT industry. This field has always been in a future thought of them. And as per the growth of today’s technology this IT industry can be their growth inhibitor.They decide to consider the 7 key format guidelines. These are:

Embrace Technology:

IT Industry actually can grow SMBs not only in operational way also in a beneficial way in cost. It’s an integrated part of SMB.

Focus on right talent:

In previous time finding the right kind of talent for SMBs was quite difficult. But now they can leverage the total IT industry and can get the right IT leaders to carry forward their works.

Develop an IT road-map and digital blueprint:

Creating a 1 year 3 year and 5 year plan of digitization will be done very easily.

Build solid technology architecture:

The main moto is to build a proper IT industry without mixing services together. It will be done by adding the overall business without only concentrating on IT department.

Be laser-focused on execution:

And the execution will be very to the point on IT investment

Revisit IT road-map 3-6 months later: It will be easy to check on the status of IT road-map easily.Evaluate and adopt new technologies:

They will not be afraid of adopting new technology and will get an assistance of using it easily. SMB are planning to going on the way of automation and digitization, IT dept can have a help on it. Automation will develop modern technologies and enhance up-gradation and cyber security will be in best hands and also after this pandemic situation everyone is enhanced with work from home and the virtual workspace concept should be enhanced. And Social media has a great impact in the whole world nowadays. And it is indeed a profitable way to leverage the business towards the world and this smart generation will grab it. And SMB can have smiles mobile and so many technologies open and that will encourage their security too.

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