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HCL reports brands shifted towards digitization after covid 19

HCL published a piece of news as looking for new digital investment. Many other companies are conjugating with each other according to a digital acceleration report by Reliance. All IT industries and 420 senior businesses are seeing that almost 89% company are going for digital investment which is called “digital acceleration”. And the investment shifted towards digitization after this covid situation. 

Investors have to be aware of the importance of digital investments. It includes investment, implementation, reworks in the total ecosystem to be sure that their company has the right kind of external support and digitization will bring exposure to the world that will help to increase business.Digital accelerator helps the business owner to make a 3-year road-map and the proper implementation and budgeting will help them to sustain in the current situation. A survey shows that the boards are intended for digital investments. The percentage increases from 42% to 55% after 2020. 88% of organizations already digitized themselves and 57% are following the road-map. The pandemic has done business disruption all over the world. 62% of business are facing negative issues and 90% has seen in the change in demands. And the whole business Eco-system is facing large issues and uncertain futures. It extends beyond the individual organization. Survey says, 45% are relying on their partners and 45% are on the external mean. 58% create a new team for digital execution and 55% are doing in team units.70% have a proper data report based on customer services and 27% have inconsistent data.This full report focuses on the investment, technology, and key points. And especially, how to utilize digital technology in this new era.



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